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 Yeah! We did it! Bought a new (used car) 2016 Chrysler Towne & Country Van...love the light metallic blue color Yep! We've joined the monthly car payment plan...we have not had a car payment in ten years BUT it was time and we needed a dependable road trip vehicle!
 Look at what a YARD of fabric does for making me SMILE while doing the LAUNDRY! I always hated seeing the hoses and water shut off every time I walked by my washer. I needed a solution that still offered access to the shut offs. Moving the actual shelf down was also out of the question because of where the electric outlets are placed  So I decided to go through my fabric stash and make a shelf cover with a long enough "curtain" to cover the ugly stuff! I am in LOVE  . . . . . #fabricstash #laundryroom #shelflife #shelfcurtains #poppies
 Don't PANIC! Let's get together! SOON...so that we can chat! I have some fantastic, healthy options to help you feel comfortable in your own skin this year! Drop me a line and let's set a date...we can enjoy a CUPPA in person or simply chat on the phone! Depending on where you are located and what SUITS your needs best! Looking forward to hearing from you! Fondly, Roberta
 I will drink to THAT! Ha! Ha! I had to laugh when I saw @wcdba13 open up is new GEEK mug! . . . . . #geekstuff #geeksrule #geekstyle #geekster #geeklife #changeisgood #changeislife #changeismymiddlename #hewhohateschange #changeisinevitable
 For all of you who enjoy TAIL-GATING or for parents with kids in sports...here you go! Love this "hack" for converting the back of a van/SUV into a SNACK BAR!


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